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Our large production and storage facilities help insure product availability and quick response times.

Brake Fluid Products

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KMCO's brake fluid products are sold through DOT, LLC. With more than 30 years experience in brake fluids, DOT, LLC continues to be one of the nation's leading aftermarket wholesalers, offering both DOT-3 and DOT-4 motor vehicle brake fluids. With KMCO's fleet of railcars combined with open access to tank trucks, we are able to respond quickly to the needs of our customers.

DOT-3 Brake Fluid

Our heavy duty DOT-3 Brake Fluid is designed to give high boiling point protection (minimum wet boiling point of 286°F) allowing for an extra margin of safety in the operation of today's modern high-powered vehicles. Using a blend of premium grade ethers, lubricants, and inhibitors, our DOT-3 formulation is designed to give maximum corrosion protection and controlled rubber swell. DOT-3 is excellent for ABS, disc and drum brake systems.

DOT-4 Brake Fluid

DOT-4 Brake Fluid is formulated to provide superior performance in high temperature brake systems. Our unique DOT-4 formulation substantially reduces the possibility of fluid vaporization and eventual brake failure (as a result of vapor lock) by maintaining a high wet boiling point (minimum wet boiling point of 311°F) protection.

KMCO Brake Fluids SDS