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Custom Products

Our large production and storage facilities help insure product availability and quick response times.

Oilfield Products

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KMCO manufactures a wide range of oilfield intermediates for formulation into products for the petroleum exploration, production, refining, chemical process, and hydrocarbon additives industries. Our current service area includes North America, Central America, South America, Asia, and Africa.

Our Product offering includes:

  • Demulsifiers
  • Desalting Aids
  • Slugging Agents
  • Corrosion Control Agents
  • Paraffin Inhibitors


KB-1303 | Polyol Based

This polyol based product is a fast acting demulsifying agent which leaves relatively clear water and also contributes to solids dispersion. We highly recommend this product for application with crude oils which require interface and paraffin treatment.

KB-1410 | Oxyalkylated Amine

With characteristics similar to that of polyol based products, this fast acting demulsifying agent finds broad application with many different types of crude. We especially recommend this product for the treatment of heavy oils (such as those found in the US Gulf Coast region) and wetting of solids.

KB-2402 | Phenolic Resin

An effective demulsifying agent for interface softening and solids control. Application of this product has proven especially effective with African and Latin American crude.

KB-2405 | Phenolic Resin

Effective in the treatment of a wide range of crudes (including African and Latin American), we recommend this product for water dropper and interface control applications.

KB-2406 | Phenolic Resin

More water soluble than our KB-2405 product, this phenolic resin agent is recommend as excellent product for water dropper and interface control applications.

KB-2412 | Phenolic Resin

We highly recommend this product for crude oil desalting applications, as well as being effective towards interface control.

KB-2413 | Phenolic Resin

Similar to our KB-2412 product, this phenolic resin agent is also very effective in crude oil desalting applications and interface control.

KB-2603 | Phenolic Resin

Less water soluble than our KB-24XX product line, this demulsifying agent has found broad application with a wide range of crudes from around the world.

KB-2608 | Phenolic Resin

We recommend this product as an effective water dropper for a wide range of crudes (not including those originating from African and Latin American). This product has excellent oil brightening properties.

KB-3208 | Polyol Ester

This demulsifying agent operates quite efficiently for oil drying and interface control. Also used as a formula aid for water dropping applications, this product has a wide range of niche applications around the world.

KB-3341 | Complex Polyol Ester

Highly recommended as one our most effective product lines for overall demulsification properties, our complex polyol esters can be applied to a wide range of crudes. With outstanding water dropping and desalting properties, this product leaves minimal water content in treated crudes.

KB-3342 | Complex Polyol Ester

Similar to our KB-3341 product, this complex polyol ester displays excellent water dropping, desalting properties, and overall demulsification properties as well.

KB-3408 | Modified Polyol

Recommended as very effective in oil drying applications, this product when combined with a phenolic resin demulsifying agent produces high quality water.

Slugging Agents

KT-1231 | Alkylarylsulfonic Acid

This product is effective for a range of applications including crude oil dehydration, tank treatment, and slop oil. This slugging compound does not over treat when applied and is our recommendation for applications which require a "problem solver" compound.

KT-1261C | Alkylarylsulfonic Acid

Similar in properties to our KT-1231 slugging compound, this neutralized amine salt is effective in crude oil dehydration, tank treatments, and slop oil applications. This product can also be used as a component in a paraffin dispersant formulation.

Corrosion Control Agents

KC-168 | Imidazoline Based

An effective filming amine corrosion inhibitor with excellent aliphatic and aromatic solvency properties and very low emulsification tendencies. We recommend this product for use in refinery process-side corrosion control applications, as well as for high temperature applications such as hot oil end gas producing wells.

KQ-105A | Quaternary Amine

This highly water soluble quaternary amine corrosion inhibitor is ideal for use in refinery water-side corrosion control applications. Also having good surfactant properties, we also recommend this product as a wetting agent.

Paraffin Inhibitors

KW-115 | Olefin Ester

Very effective in reducing the pour point of atmospheric still bottoms, this product is a low cost application for treatment of a wide variety of crude and refined streams. We highly recommend this product for paraffin inhibition applications of light oil production, as well as for use in barge and tank treatments. This product is not winterized and generally not recommended for use in artic environments.